In 1996 I could buy 2 Citroen MEHARI.
N° 1 was a 1974 with a very bad body, but a very good chassis ;
N° 2 was a 1978 with good plastic and a reasonable subframe .
Unfortunately I forgot to make pictures of the cars like they
arrived in my yard, I immediately started to break them down.

so I have to start these pages with SOME NUDISM

Citroen MEHARI This was the frame before its restoration
Citroen MEHARI

I did clean up the whole bunch and repaint it .

Citroen MEHARI
Citroen MEHARI After months of dirty work, at last I could screw it together again 
Citroen MEHARI A lot of new parts welded in, so it's O.K. for another 20 years

That's how the car looked like in the spring of 1997

Citroen MEHARI

Citroen MEHARI The car also needs seats; these are painted in blue AZUR

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