The kitcar brochures; Ook in't Nederlands

The Leman; French kitcar for Citroen 2cv.

Citroen 2cv kitcar leman page 1Citroen 2cv kitcar leman page 2


The English Lomax kitcar for Citroen 2cv

Citroen 2cv kitcar lomax page 1&2

Citroen 2cv kitcar lomax page 3&4


Dutch car named Le patron

Le patron


Burton, new in 2000

Burton Citroen 2pkBurton Citroen 2pk


Burton Citroen 2pkBurton Citroen 2pk


The Azelle kitcar for Citroen 2cv; made in France.

Citroen 2cv kitcar azelle front-side

Citroen 2cv kitcar azelle back-side


Charon from the Netherlands

Citroen 2cv kitcar charon front-side

Citroen 2cv kitcar charon back-side


Made in Belgium, new in 2001.


And the best of all: Hoffmann2cv   from Germany

citroen 2pk

My entirely scanned car brochures about Citroen and Panhard
Dit zijn al mijn volledig ingescande Citroen en Panhard folders

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