In 1972 I was dreaming to own a convertible, unfortunately there were not that many real soft top cars in Europe as there are now, and they all were in an expensive price range. Except the tiny Citroen 2cv.

I start my story in the Fall of 1972

This was
citroen 2cv

my first car.
citroen 2cv citroen 2cv

citroen 2cv

citroen 2cv

It was a 1965 18HP one with 425 cc engine.
Dispite the car was not very fast, a friend and I made a trip with it around Europe in the summer of 1974.
We were in Paris; Barcelona and Costa Brava in Spain; Lourdes, Marseilles, St Tropez,
Cannes in France; Monte Carlo; Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland; Frankfurt, Dortmund,
Koln, and more places, in Germany; Arnhem and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
We started July 12 1974 and came back august 8. We drove 5800 km. Top speed was 80 km/h.
citroen 2cv Only once the 2cv gave us some problems; in Spain two drive shafts broke down.
Luckily we could fix this.
citroen 2cv In two years the car turned into a wreck, with a broken frame.
It did no more pass the technical inspection,
so I broke it down and used it as a toy, racing the fields.

See A 2CV that I converted into a ragtop in 1975

1972; My first car

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