During the Europe trip came the idea to build a complete open 2cv.
I got an 11 year old 'wreck' which would become the famous 2cv convertible. Unfortunately no pictures exist of the original car, neither the building of the conversion. The car was ready to use during the Summer of 1975;

citroen 2cv

2cv cabrio

This is the very first 2cv convertible.

citroen 2cv These pictures are made during the first vacation trip with the brand new 2cv convertible,
citroen 2cv and a friend owning a 1951 Harley Davidson ( The long haired guy is me)
citroen 2cv At my sisters wedding in 1976
citroen 2cv Here the car is waiting for it's first restoration in 1977

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1975; first 2cv "full" convertible