This is The 2CV fun cars

Citroen 2cv Citroen 2cv fun buggy
France worldmeet 1989
Citroen 2cv Citroen 2cv fun car
Citroen 2cv
Dutch Motorcycle 1997 Citroen 2cv fun moto

Citroen 2cv fun car

Germany worldmeet 1983

Citroen 2cv fun

France 1979

supermini Citroen 2cv fun

Greece worldmeet 1999

Citroen 2cv fun little buggy

France late 70's

Citroen 2cv fun retro

Was it 1901 or 1978?
Seen in Switzerland

The end of my first car,
or my first convertible?

Yes that's me at the wheel;

Belgium 1973.

Citroen 2cv fun

2001; Funny ride

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