This is The 2CV's to move with

citroen 2cv 1978. I had to move this 2CV body 26 kms away.
Had to be aware of the turns.

The car was a very soft suspension 1966 AZAM 6.

citroen 2cv
citroen 2cv

citroen 2cv

1980; This is a greenhouse.

We moved it this way over 9 kms on the Belgian roads.

No problem as you see;

citroen 2cv Long ago, I bought a traction avant.
All the km's I was running the car, it was pulled by my 2cv.
I never completed the restoration of that huge car
and sold it's parts apart.
citroen 2cv 1981; This one contains more than it's own weight
(over 600 kgs) sand and cement. I used to drive it
over 12 kms like this and made its last ride, since the
feultank was leaking because of the road kissing.
The car was a 1965 AZU 425 cc 18hp.
citroen 2cv Very good wine.
citroen 2cv Even a full-sized tree fits in the car. I did this on
a Sunday afternoon; December 1987. 25 kms with
a 1967 AZAM 6( which I still own in 2001).



This is a view through the windshield.

citroen 2cv
citroen 2cv 1988, with the same 1967 AZAM as above
2pk mehari

2pk mehari

2003; No luggage rack? This is good solution to move Mehari parts.

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