met mehari 4x4 With Yves and Mehari 4X4 in 2001
citroen 2cv cabriolet Anno 2002 Anno 2002
citroen 2cv cabriolet in 2003 Passed technical control in 2003 again.
2cv cabriolet In Belgium I found this beautifull long front convertable.

More pictures of this car can be found here:
2PK langneus cabriolet

Citro jumble 2004  

25 april 2004; Citro jumble in Brussels

Citro jumble 2004

Tecnical inspection in 2004. Up to age 30 (I did transformation in 1975). Car itself turns 40 in 2006.
Citroen 2cv Citroen 2pk
citroen 2cv cabriolet in 2005 I have to repair the brake system,

and the valves.

citroen 2cv cabriolet in 2005
2cv mannekenpis I repaired the Manneken pis toy

I was present with it at the Touareg
prťstart in Wachtebeke
October 23 2005


prestart 2cv

keuring 20062cv April 26 2006 seemed to be the last day I
could drive this car legally on Belgian roads.

Luckily it was an error in tecnical inspection,
so this problem is solved now.

keuring 2006 2cv

Citroen 2pk

28 juni 2006, in the air today.

made pictures of my house.

Blekerijstraat Izegem

Blekerijstraat Izegem

citroen 2cv cabriolet in 2004 26 april 2007, did much better than last year.

mileage now is 125 774km

keuring 2cv 6 mei 2008, less luck than last year.
Have to go back to control for brake falure

mileage = 127 056 km

cabrio 2cv

cabrio 2cv

citroen 2pk
1976 Dyane, 1986 2cv, 1966 2cv and 1978 Mehari
The grey 2cv is sold in Baltimore USA

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citroen 2pk

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